Monday, November 10, 2014

Back to Basics

Hello everyone! It's pretty much been a whole enitre year since I've posted. Life has been pretty crazy. I've had some personal issues that have been keeping me from blogging and interacting with the rest of the world, but I am happy to be back and hopefully will be able to post more consistently!
Just going to start off with a quick outfit post. Nothing fancy, just something super casual. Let's just jump right in ~~

Peep at my little sister. Haha!

I was pretty bummed that day because I lost one of my favorite bracelets of all time. I guess it fell off my write while I was getting gas. I got it from Urban Outfitters for like 14-16 bucks (so pricey~~). But anyways here is a picture of it below. 

Hope whoever picked it up treats it well :'(

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